Host’s Frequently Asked Questions

Olive Gardens Resort offers an opportunity for Lebanese bed and breakfast hosts to lease exquisite bungalows at competitive prices starting at $0.50 per square meter annually. These bungalows are located in prime locations, fully furnished, and come with a comprehensive support system to ensure high occupancy rates and a premium guest experience.

Olive Gardens Resort provides a turnkey solution for hosts with bungalows in sought-after locations, ensuring high occupancy and exceptional guest experiences. The resort offers fully furnished bungalows designed for luxury and comfort, along with ongoing support in property management and marketing, to ensure the success of the hosts.

The uniqueness of the offer lies in the combination of competitive pricing, prime location, ready-to-use luxury bungalows, and a supportive partnership that includes property management and marketing support, aiming to maximize the host’s earnings and enhance their success in the rental business.

The ideal candidates are ambitious hosts passionate about providing exceptional stay experiences, who are ready to elevate their hosting game and maximize their earnings. Olive Gardens Resort seeks partners who are eager to join a community of elite hosts and benefit from premium properties and strategic support.

Interested hosts can apply by filling out a host application to explore the properties and learn more about how Olive Gardens Resort can contribute to achieving their hosting aspirations. This initiates the process of becoming part of a profitable journey with the resort.

Olive Gardens Resort provides an ROI calculator on their website, allowing potential hosts to efficiently calculate their investment returns and assess the profitability of their financial decisions before committing to a lease.

To proceed with your application, you should click the “NEXT” button on the Olive Gardens Resort’s website, where you will be guided through the necessary steps to complete your application and start your journey as a host with the resort.

We accept Whish Money, OMT, BOB Finance, and USDT. Payments are annual.