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Buy OLIVE token and you might win a LOG HOME Chalet

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Buy an OLIVE token and enter a sweep-stake for a chance to win a Chalet at the Olive Gardens Resort.

 Buy an OLIVE token and enter a sweep-stake for a chance to win a Chalet at the Olive Gardens Resort. Each time we reach a target of 20,000 OLIVE tokens sold per 3 months period, we will draw one OLIVE token holder’s account number to win a chalet. If the target of tokens not reached within the designated period, the drawing will occur when the target of the minimum amount is reached. The OLIVE token is an actual ERC-20 ethereum token listed on the ETHEREUM BLOCKCHAIN.

OLIVE Tokens represents a 2.5% discount coupon redeemable at our Resort Hotel, Restaurant or any activity we offer. To get started, please click on “Apply for token” button below, read and agree to terms, fill the registration form and wait for our confirmation. The price of one OLIVE token is equal to $65 or 0.167 ETH. You will need to own a minimum of one token to redeem your discount coupon or enter the sweep-stake.

Token Name

Olive Resort

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Token Price

$65.00 or 0.167 ETH 

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OLIVE Contract Address


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 To order your OLIVE token, Please send a minimum of 0.167 ETH for one OLIVE token.


(Please allow some time while we manually confirm your payment).

The price of one OLIVE token is $65 To order your OLIVE token via BOB Finance. Please send payment to the account of:
Olive Gardens Resort
Please make sure to send confirmation to tel +9613003026

(Please allow some time while we manually confirm your payment).

What is ERC20 Token?
ERC20, the Ethereum token standard, is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comment.

What is Ethereum?
Ethereum is an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system featuring smart contract (scripting) functionality.

What is OLIVE token?
OLIVE token is an erc-20 ethereum token which represents an exchange of 2.5% in discount value at the Olive Gardens Resort.

Is OLIVE an investment?
No. Please read terms of token sale for more information.

How many OLIVE tokens can I buy?
You can buy as many tokens as you wish for a maximum of 2.5% discount coupon per redemption per visit.

How do I receive my OLIVE tokens?
If you buy the OLIVE token via Ether., you will instantly receive your tokens to your wallet. If you order using USD or BTC, we will send you a hard wallet certificate with your tokens which you can redeem when you open an Ethereum wallet with token support.

How do I claim my discount?
Your discount coupon code will be available on your profile dashboard.

How are tokens discount calculated?
Each OLIVE token is equal to 2.5% coupon discount for a maximum of 25%.

How do I enter the sweep-stake to win a Chalet?
Each time you buy a token you will be automatically entered into the sweeps-stake to win the Olive Gardens Resort chalet.

When does sweep-stake drawing occur?
Our sweep-stake drawing is done each time we reach the target of 20,000 tokens sale per three months period.

What happens when you don’t reach the target?
In the event we don’t reach the target, we simply extend the time till target is reached.

Why do you need to reach the target for sweep-stake drawing?
The honest answer is, we have to reach the target to cover the cost of the chalet we are giving away.

How will you be announcing the winner of the sweep-stake?
The winner will be announced via a live broadcast on a local TV station with appropriate legal representation to oversee the drawing and posted on our Website.