Grand Bungalow


The rate displayed is based on the number of guests you selected including children, maids or baby sitters and NOT the Max occupancy of the suite displayed. If the reservation made is different than actual number of guests a minimum charge of $55.00 per additional guest will apply.  One child under 4 years old per reservation will be admitted free.

Food, Drinks or Shisha
We do have a full service Restaurant at the location. therefore, bringing any kind of food, beverages or shisha from outside the resort is strictly prohibited.

Since our Hotel bungalows are made of solid wood and for your own safety, smoking any kind of tobacco or shisha is prohibited inside all rooms.

Swimming Pool
Guest is fully responsible for his/her own safety at all times, the hotel is not responsible for any kind of accidents or injuries of any kind in or around the pool area. Only swim suites allowed in or around the pool area. We do not allow any kind of burkini swim wear. NO LIFEGUARD available. Pool is open to Hotel guests only and not their guests. Swimming after 6pm is not allowed. No food or glass bottles or cups allowed in or around the pool.

Reservation Confirmation
All reservation made online or over the telephone are not final or confirmed until the required deposit of 50% per room is paid. We reserve the right to cancel any unconfirmed reservation.

Please read full terms & conditions.

Junior Suite

A beautiful concept of a boutique hotel and wooden bungalow combined. The junior suites are made of solid pine wood divided into a spacious one bedroom with a king size bed plus AC and a salon with a cable TV, AC and a mini bar.

Rate includes access to swimming pool.

*The rate offered is based on your selection of number of adults and children under 14 years of age if any and not the capacity displayed.